Auto Pops

Yes. But ALL items must be returned in their original status and package within 7 days. ONLY stands returned in an acceptable state will be refunded, as the image is made accordingly and could not resold.

Buyer takes care of all return fees. Original shipping and handling costs would not be refunded.

Yes. Both of the banner and hardware are recyclable. Banners are printed by dye sublimation and completely washable without fading. As an added bonus, it is easy to change the banners for the display stand depending on your promotion.

We use the highest quality colorfast inks, but banners cannot be guaranteed colorfast for a lifetime, and they can be affected by many factors, such as local climate, site, frequency of intense sunlight, etc. Ask us about the conditions of your banner and we can provide an estimation of how long the inks should last.

Yes. We have our own factory and technical team, and most of our product’s sizes can be customised. For customised sizes, please contact us and our technical team will suggest the best solution for you.

For small runs between 2-50 units, the lead time is between 7-15 working days. These units are printed digitally.

For larger runs of 150+ units, the lead time is approximately 6 weeks. If you require urgent delivery, please contact us for airfreight options on 0411 521 640. These units are printed offset.

For runs of 2-50 units, these are printed digitally.

For larger runs of 150+ units and more, these are printed offset.

For digital runs, the minimum quantity is 2 units.

For offset runs, the minimum quantity is 100 units.

Yes, Auto Pops are protected by the following patents:

• Australia – Patent No: 2009240861 granted Feb. 13, 2014

• New Zealand – Patent No: EP2290637 granted July 10, 2012

• United States – Patent No: 8,776,415 B2 granted July 15, 2014

• Mexico – Patent No: 317596 granted January 30, 2014

• Colombia – Patent No: 29419 granted April 29, 2013

• Europe – Patent No: EP2290637 granted Feb. 22, 2012

• Japan – Patent No: 4914470 granted January 27, 2012

The lead time for delivery on Tension Fabric displays is approximately 4 to 8 working days from artwork approval.

Yes, we can assist with artwork creation and alterations. On some of our products, we offer free artwork services.

Phone 0411 521 640 for any of your artwork requests, our friendly graphics team will be happy to assist you.